Woolberry Naturalnie

About the maker...

My name is Jagoda and I love wool. Jagoda means berry in English. That’s the short story behind the brand name😊

I am the owner of Woolberry Naturalnie, a tiny manufacturer of wool diaper covers in Poland. I am the only person who works at Woolberry Naturalnie. It means that each stage of Woolberry’s product making is carried out and provided by me; from searching the best materials, testing them, sewing, packing and making deliveries. I am also the only person who is in charge of contacting my lovely clients.

My adventure with sewing nappies started 3 years ago, when my son was 4 months old. I wanted him to use healthy reusable diapers, made of natural materials: safe, reliable and perfectly fitting. Sewing is something I really like to do, it’s my passion. I had experience in sewing and so I decided to make something really good for my son. My trials went successfully…so why not share the goodness with the others? I was surprised by how good the feedback was that I received from other parents using my nappies for their children. It encouraged me to start sewing as a business.

Sustainability is my priority. That’s why I have chosen wool as a material to work with. Wool is a natural, environmentally friendly and naturally renewable fiber. It is fully biodegradable in a surprisingly short time – just 6 months is enough! Wool fiber is the most breathable and reliable among all the materials used by nappy makers. It is recommended for the most demanding skin of the youngest babies, even those prone to allergies or irritations, so it is truly great from birth to potty. It’s impossible to not love the wool!


In my workhouse I mostly use merino wool fabrics produced in Poland, mulesing free. The other wool fabrics, the printed ones, are produced in other countries of Europe (Italy, the UK), all are exceptionally soft and gentle.