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My Wee Folk - Christmas Tree Yay-dough

My Wee Folk - Christmas Tree Yay-dough

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Yay-dough is a lovely and soft, handmade to order, sensory play dough. 


Colour: Christmas Tree with gold biodegradable glitter (this is the same colour that is in the 'Decorate a Pine Tree gift set'.

Net weight: 260g 

Packaging: Screw top aluminium tin and biodegradable paper sticker


Yay-dough might look delicious but it is not suitable for human consumption and should not be given to children under the age of 3. Yay-dough is made from white WHEAT flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, food colouring & biodegradable glitter.

Although nuts and sesame are not ingredients in our products, Yay-dough is produced in an environment where they might be present.


Yay-dough should be stored in the airtight aluminium tin that is provided. If kept in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, it can last up to 6 months. Salt crystals may form on the top of the Yay-dough but that is completely normal, simply give the dough a knead and they will go. If your Yay-dough starts to dry out, add a drop of oil and knead to restore it.