Woolberry Naturalnie: Handmade Side Snap Wool Cover - size L
Woolberry Naturalnie: Handmade Side Snap Wool Cover - size L

Woolberry Naturalnie: Handmade Side Snap Wool Cover - size L

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The side snap L size is extremely generous and would best suit toddlers and larger babies - fits children approx. from 13/14kg+. This cover can fit my 15.5 kg 26 month old over fitted nappies and heavily boosted preflats/flats still with 1-2 rise setting to go! Please note that the fitting of a certain size of nappy cover depends on the figure of your child and the absorbency you use.

As the crotch and wings are wider than the front snap these are perfectly suited for a wide range of nappies, including preflats and fitted nappies.

The Woolberry wool covers are handmade using thin and very reliable merino wool fabrics, which are exceptionally soft and come from mulesing free farms. Wool is a natural and environmentally friendly fiber. It is fully biodegradable in even 6 months! Wool fiber is the most reliable and breathable material used among nappy makers, it is recommended for the most demanding skin of the youngest babies, even those prone to allergies or irritations, therefore it’s perfect right from birth through to potty training. Wool is very hygienic and doesn't require any sanitising due to its self-cleaning properties. Wool covers give the best protection against moisture than any other reusable nappy. It just needs to be lanolised once every 5-6 weeks.

Woolberry wool covers are designed to give as much freedom in movement as the child needs. Delicate elastics ensures a proper fit around legs preventing from leaks. The covers can be used for night, however, they are great for daytime because they are well fitted, not bulky and can be comfortably used under any clothes.

Woolberry wool covers don’t need lanolising before first use. To make sure of that please do a “water test” of your cover after washing and drying it. Splash some water on the inner side of wool cover. If water stays on the surface of the fabric for some time, you can skip lanolising and use the cover straight away.

Composition: two layers of the highest quality merino wool fabric coming from mulesing free farms.

Waist and rise adjustment with snaps – nappy grows together with your child


For the diaper cover you will need absorbent inserts (flats/preflats/prefolds) and pure lanolin.

Product care     

  • Wash/rinse always in a similar temperature of water, max. 30°/86°F . Never put wet warm wool cover into a cold water and vice versa, as the wool doesn't tolerate temperature changing and may result in felting.
  • Before the first use hand wash with a wool detergent.
  • No bleach and fabric softener
  • If completely clean and dry use it again. Ventilate if wet.
  • Wash when it’s needed but try to do it very rarely, often spot-cleaning is enough, rinse with clean water when dump, wash with a wool detergent when more soiled.
  • Wash by hands, never in the washing machine. Wash by kneading with the addition of wool washing liquid, remove larger dirt before washing under running water. Remove excess water by squeezing with hands and then wrap it in a towel and squeeze it again, never twist.
  • Dry away from the source of direct heat and harsh sun, never in the tumble dryer or on the radiator.